July 19, 2010

Emma Frost by Terry Dodson

One of the drawings from the new sketchbook collection of Terry Dodson named "Bombshells Book 1". It will debut in San Diego soon. Amazing!



  1. Who is the one in the chair? I kind of doubt it's Emma as it would hardly make sense for Dodson to use her for both cover images.

    But it's hard to tell as they all look alike! :)

  2. It could be Emma, I don't see any other reason for Dodson to draw a superheroine in her costume and all and then just some random Victorian chick at the same picture. )
    But it crossed my mind, too, it could be someone else... No way of knowing unless Terry adds some comments to the sketchbook)

  3. Hey guys!
    The other character is not Emma. She is 'Coraline' from 'Songes'. To be honest I didn't even know what 'Songes' is (apparently it's a French comic book), but Dodson says so in some comments on his deviantart:


    And yes the art is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you very much! It's a pity, I'd love to see Emma like this, but still - it doesn't make this art any less gorgeous)